I'm Charlotte!
Charlotte Ashley is my birth name which was inspired by Gone With The Wind although my father preferred the name Charlotte over Scarlett. And who was Ashley? Why... Scarlett's secret crush of course!

I'm a self-taught, professional photographer.
Yep. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who didn't figure out their true calling in life while in college. So, two degrees later that do not pertain AT ALL to photography, I'm loving life as a professional photographer!

I'm a downright bubbly person!
Give me something to laugh about (which is NOT hard to do) and a smile, and you have just made my day!

I'm most relaxed when in the woods.
Take me outdoors and teach me something about God's beautiful creation, and I'll admire you forever. Point-blank.

I'm a small town girl.
I grew up in Cross Anchor, South Carolina. We have a caution light and a gas station. And... that's about it. Sometimes I feel as if I do not fit in, in Lexington, but I'm learning its ways and do not know if I could ever live without Dunkin Donuts again! HA!

I'm thankful for my life. Every. Day.
I'm married to my high school sweetie; and, we have one cute, little red-headed boy and one spirited, duck-retrieving doggie daughter!

What makes my heart sing?
My family and friends of course; but also the smell of strawberries, salt marshes and orange blossoms; smoothies; coastal life; traveling; DANCING; and Clemson football! I look forward to meeting and working with you in capturing just what it is that makes your heart sing too!


PS: You can also check out my crazy ramblings on the blog!